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  • Eggs and Things

    Steak & Eggs

    Breakfast steak, two eggs, any style


    Ham & Eggs

    Served with two eggs, any style


    Bacon & Eggs

    Served with three strips of bacon, two eggs, any style


    Sausage & Eggs

    Served with two patties or 3 links, 2 eggs, any style


    Almost Benedict

    Two poached eggs, country ham, on an English muffin, topped with country gravy and cheese sauce


    Two Eggs

    Served any style


    One Egg

    Served any style


    Breakfast Burrito


    Eye Opener

    Toasted English muffin, poached egg, and coffee


  • Side Orders

    Corned Beef Hash


    Sausage Link or Patty






    Cinnamon Roll






    Cream of Wheat


    Cold Cereal


    Hash Browns


    Home Fries


    Biscuits & Gravy

    Not available after 11:00am


    English Muffin




    Cinnamon Toast




  • Off The Griddle

    Hot and fresh pancakes, waffles or French toast served with butter and syrup

    Stack of Cakes

    Three pancakes


    Short Stack

    Two pancakes


    One Cake


    Blueberry Short Stack

    Two pancakes


    Hot Cake Sandwich

    Two cakes, bacon, ham or sausage, topped with one egg cooked any style


    Belgian Waffle


    French Toast


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